Proficiency Levels Dalam Tes EPT (TOEFL Predictions) LBPP LIA

Dalam test EPT yang pernah saya ikuti di LBPP LIA Jakarta, ada beberapa level kemahiran berbahasa Inggris dalam hasil English Proficiency Test (TOEFL Prediction) tersebut yang mendeskripsikan hasil yang dicapai oleh peserta. Penjelasan Tentang level-level dalam hasil EPT (TOEFL Prediction) LBPP LIA terletak di halaman belakang sertifikat EPT. Dalam deskripsi hasil test EPT tersebut dijelaskan hal-hal yang telah dicapai oleh peserta EPT (TOEFL Prediction) dan  saran-saran untuk mencapai level yang lebih tinggi apabila ingin mengikuti EPT lagi.  Berikut Proficiency Levels dalm English Proficiency Test (EPT) LBPP LIA.


Descriptions : Does not understand simple oral and written instructions. Writes only words and pharases, unable to write comprehensible English. Shows inability to speak, producing fragments. Needs a comprehensive course in English and needs to be retested before being recommended for a training program.


Descriptions:  Understands very simple instructions, and reads simple stories. Writes simple messages but inaccurately. Expresses simple ideas haltingly and incoherently.  Needs a 250- to 350-hour English course before being able to attend a regular academic program

Lower Intermediate

Descriptions:  Understands simple topics, and reads simple material.  Writes with some difficulty, using simple and sometimes inaccurate vocabulary, makes errors in sentence structure that sometimes interferes with meaning.  Speaks with hesitation, with errors in pronunciation and grammar. Requires between 200 to 300 hours of English instruction depending on personal aptitude and the type of training proposed.


Descriptions: Understands in most situations but may have problems in certain contexts, and reads news articles with occasional help of dictionary. Writes adequately with some organization, has a limited range of vocabulary and makes some errors in complex sentence structure. Speaks with reasonable fluency but has occasional difficulty in expressing complex ideas, and makes occasional errors in grammar though not interfering with meaning, sometimes can correct errors. Is able to benefit from most practical training programs and seminars. The candidate would, however, require between 100 to 200 hours of intensive English course before enrolling in an academic program.

Higher Intermediate

Descriptions: Understands most native speakers, and reads some journals, magazines, newspapers with little difficulty. Writes relatively well in English, demonstrating an ability to organize ideas using appropriate word choice and some syntactic variety with occasional mistakes that can be self-corrected. Speaks without hesitation, makes minor errors in pronunciation and grammar, but is able to self-correct. Is capable of following seminars , short term courses and practical training but would require a brief period of orientation in an English speaking environment before enrolling in an academic program.


Descriptions: Understands native speakers well and reads complex material. Writes competently in English, demonstrating an ability to develop and organize ideas effectively using sophisticated vocabulary and a wide range of syntactic variety with almost no mistakes. Speaks clearly and effectively in almost all situations with almost always accurate pronunciation and grammar.  Has no difficulty in following seminars, conferences, professional training, and academic programs both locally and overseas.

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